The iconic pieces from the Floricultural collection have been contaminated and intertwined with sinuous colourful vines of enamelled on gold, that give the jewellery a kinetic movement as well as a bold pop look.

The name of the collection – You’re So Vine – plays with the concept of climbing plants in a pun that is apt to the designer’s playful approach to jewellery as well as her irony.

The designer - following her passion for Eastern cultures and aesthetics - now looks to Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers where tiger lily means prosperity, the heliconia represents uniqueness and the honeysuckle stands for love ties.

The collection ‘Floricultural’ is inspired by the secret language of flowers.

No Rice, No Life was Bea Bongiasca’s first jewellery collection, described as a melange between Eastern Asian heritage and symbols of Western consumer culture. The collection explores two opposing visions of preciosity that meet and juxtapose together.

Rice, one of the most important resources in Eastern culture and a symbol of life. Pearls, historically synonymous of wealth and social status in Western countries.

Continuing in the pursuit of her passion for the East and its aesthetics, the designer has created a collection that functions as a bridge between cultures by generating curiosity towards some of the most common Asian characters.

This collection aims to be a first step in wanting to learn more about foreign countries and a way of sharing their culture in a light-hearted and inspiring manner. In virtue of the simplicity of these characters, as well as their meanings and the profound history embedded in them, the collection transforms the art of calligraphy into elegant lines on the body.

Happy Go Cola is a 5 piece limited edition collection presented during Design Miami 2014 by Antonella Villanova Gallery. Cola in brancharin (pronounced Kělè) is synonym of “to permit happiness” and of escapism. It corresponds to what in Japanese can be referred to as Kawaii, which in English can be translated to cute and adorable.

Its aesthetic, through its carefreeness essence and cheerfully animated characters, allows one to momentarily elude from the debranchs of a pressure-filled life. It is through the latter that the Milanese designer depicts a generation’s desire to evade from the hardships of an unvarying and often difficult reality, of the pursuit of happiness though the light heartedness that is so strongly embedded within today’s youth.